Welcome to Dyslexia Tuition Bedfordshire; a private 1:1 tuition service.

I offer specialist support for learners of any age with a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD):

  • Dyslexia

  • Dyscalculia


  • Dysgraphia

  • DCD

  • ASD

  • Non SpLD support for learners who have fallen behind their peers for any number of reasons.


It is estimated that 1 in 10 people within the UK have dyslexia.  Most people assume that this affects reading, writing and spelling.  It also can effect organisation, memory and sequencing.


Dyscalculia is a SpLD with numeracy.  Learners can find it difficult to grasp foundation skills in numeracy which requires specific and repeated remediation using kineasthetic methods.


Dysgraphia is a SpLD which affects written expression.   Generally, written work is poor to illegible.  The learner may have difficulties   transferring thoughts to paper and organising sequences.


Dyspraxia affects fine and/or gross motor coordination.  It may also affect speech.  Learners may require support to plan, organise, and carryout the sequence of movement required for a task.


Learners with ADHD / ADD require learning to be in short focused activities with multisensory elements which support a​ttention and engagement.

one-to-one tuition (face-to-face or online)

The benefits of one-to-one tuition:

  • Following an initial assessment of learning; one-to-one tuition addresses the individual needs of each learner.

  • Tuition is carried out in a dedicated teaching room within my home which provides the learner with time, space and no distractions.  Thus, allowing attention and engagement with the learning activities.

  • Online tuition is also available.

  • Learning objectives are broken down into small steps and are continually revised until they have been committed to long term memory.

  • Lessons are fun and supportive.  A variety of media is used/produced to support each learners requirements.

  • Metacognitive skills are incorporated to encourage independent working and transferable knowledge.

small group tuition / online tuition

  • Small group tuition is available periodically.

  • These are bespoke classes, dependent on the groups' requirements.  

  • Please contact me for further information. 

  • Online tuition is available and provides an excellent alternative for those not able to travel.  

  • Sessions are available in various time increments. Please enquire for further details.

benefits to you

  • Knowing that you/your child is receiving tuition from a specialist who understands their difficulties, and can help them to progress.

  • Both the learner and their parent(s)/carer(s) will have the support and expertise from Dyslexia Tuition Bedfordshire.

  • Tuition takes place at a fixed place, which does not affect your family environment. ​