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about me

My name is Emma Stokes.  I am a SpLD level 5 dyslexia specialist tutor.

I have ten years experience of working with young people to support their eduational development, predominantly from 3 - 10 years but am trained to offer tuition to any age.

I hold a BA Early Years which included invaluable training in multisensory teaching, open questioning and metacognitive practice which is all incorporated into SpLD tuition.

I am also parent of a child with SpLD and understand the adversity that these differences can cause for learners and how getting the right help can improve their self esteem along with their learning.

I ensure my lessons are fun, positive and multisensory as I am well aware that the idea of 'extra' lessons are not on most learners wish lists.  I want to encourage an overall positive attitude to learning which changes "I can't" to "I can". 

Dyslexia Tuition Bedfordshire began though personal experience of a lack of support for my dyselxic child.  I found that although he was receiving intervention through school it was not enough.  The foundation stages of learning had not been grasped which meant that future learning became confusing and the classroom environment moved too quickly for him to keep up with.  Despite searching I was unable to find someone who understood my concerns and unforuntately specialist tutors are few and far between which means 'waiting lists'.  I was too impatient to wait and determined that I could help my own son but other learners as well. This inspired me to seek formal training through Dyslexia Action to become a Specialist Literacy Teacher.  

I am trained in and use the Dyslexia Action Literacy Programme (DALP).  This uses a different approach to school/college.  It is suitable for use with dyslexic learners but would benefit anyone with a literacy delay.  Unlike some other programmes it does not follow a start to finish approach which means that progress is faster as it only targets areas of need and not overlearning of already secure knowledge.  Through a placement assessment I am able to pinpoint specific weaknessess which will form the lesson plans.

The emphasis of my teaching is using multi-sensory methods, as it is easier to commit new information to memory by experiencing it using more than one of the five senses.  It's also more fun! 
Tuition is available in a dedicated teaching area within my home or via an online platform.  I provide a safe nuturing atmosphere to encourage my learners to engage with their learning and want to learn.  I ensure each lesson has a structured pace to keep attention focused and can include 'brain breaks' for those that need them.