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about me...

My name is Emma Stokes.  I am a qualified SpLD tutor.


Dyslexia Tuition Bedfordshire was born from my personal experience of a lack of local services for my son who has SpLD.  Although he was receiving support through school, it was not specific enough.  The foundation stages of learning had not been grasped, which meant that future learning became confusing and the classroom environment moved too quickly for him to keep up.  Despite searching, I was unable to find someone who understood my concerns and was able to offer learning in a 'fun' way.  As I already held a education related BA degree, I decided to pursue further training in order to support my son, and other learners.  I now hold a Level 5 qualification which allows me to use specialist programmes to support learners with SpLD.

I have over ten years experience of working with young people to support their learning.  However, I am able to offer learning support to any age group.  

As a parent of a child with SpLD I understand the challenges and adversity that these differences can cause.  I am very aware that low self confidence, low self esteem and anxiety can come hand in hand with learning difficulties, and will work sensitively to encourage improvements in all areas.  Often, once the learner begins to experience success with their learning in a one-to-one tuition session, this then begins to feed their confidence in other areas.

I am trained to use a specialist programme which uses a different approach to school/college.  It is suitable for use with learners with SpLDs but would benefit any learner who is working below their age related expectations.  Unlike some other programmes, it does not follow a start to finish approach, which means that progress is faster as it only targets areas of need, not overlearning of already secure knowledge.  Through a placement assessment I am able to pinpoint specific weaknessess which will form the basis of the lesson plans.