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one-to-one lessons

I work Monday to Saturday which contain various daytime and evening tutor sessions (please contact me for further details).

I offer tuition for (children and adults):

Dyslexia                Dyscalculia                Touch typing                   Study skills


Handwriting             Life skills                      SPAG upto KS4             English and Maths 

I am trained to use a specialist programme which uses a different approach to school/college.  It is suitable for use with learners who have SpLDs but would benefit any learner working below their age related expectations.  Unlike some other programmes, it does not follow a start to finish approach, which means that progress is faster.  Through a standardised assessment I am able to pinpoint specific weaknessess which will form the basis of the lesson plans.

We all learn in different ways and respond to different strategies, as I begin to work with you/your child it will become evident which methods offer the best results. 


I have a varied schedule of teaching to ensure that there are appointments to suit all. It may be possible to arrange with your child's school for tutoring to take place during the school day (please contact me to discuss). 

Lessons take place at a dedicated teaching room within my home or via an online platform.  

The first lesson will be a consultation and assessment of needs in order to plan a specific learning programme.  All lessons are planned in 6 week blocks. 

I am happy to meet with you / your child prior to assessment for an informal chat as the relationships we develop will be extremely important in your / your childs learning journey. 


school children are participating active


Our son really enjoys his lessons - he is engaged and his confidence increases each week.  Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Person Writing


I cannot recommend Emma highly enough.  Emma is full of imaginative ideas which keep the lessons fresh, engaging and show a very creative approach, as well as reflecting her extensive experience.

Hand arrange wood letters as Maths word


Creative, understanding, supportive.  Emma really helped our daughter with her dyscalculia.  Highly recommend!

Rear view of young hipster girl is using


Being an adult returning to study (with dyslexia) was a scary but Emma's patience and ability to break things down has really helped me.  



Emma's such a lovely person, she is so nice and does a lot of hard work with my son.  I can't thank her enough for what she done with him, she is lovely lady and excellent tutor.

a typical lesson...

Lessons are structured to encourage the learner to lead their own learning.  Metacognitive activities are incorporated to encourage independent working that is transferable and supports raised confidence.

The environment is relaxed and friendly with a emphasis on making learning fun.  A variety of learning techniques are used to ensure that it is multisensory, which aids memory and recall.    

It is usual that each lesson will contain a revision section of the previous learning, a discovery section which introduces new learning points and a reinforcement section to practise the new learning points.  Each section contains small activites to ensure that attention remains focused.  

The learner will build up a collection of cue cards which are personal to them and contain visual memory cues which link to memory of learning points we cover.  These are practised and used in lessons / work to support independent working until automaticity is achieved. 


I am able to support pupils receiving Pupil Premium Plus and am happy to talk to your child's SENco regarding this. 

small groups...

Small group tuition can be arranged between the hours on 9am and 3pm.

These lessons are bespoke and can be discussed on enquiry.