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frequently asked questions 

Are the assessments necessary?  

 The assessments for literacy and numeracy are key in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the learner so that a bespoke plan can be created to target these weaknessess.

How long are the 1 to 1 sessions?  

  The initial assessment generally takes 90 minutes to complete.  However, dependant on the            learners needs it may be necessary to conduct this over two 45 minute sessions.  

Teaching 1:1 sessions are an hour in length. 

How many sessions will be required?  

 Each learners needs will be different.  New strategies will be learnt and revised each week to build a secure knowledge using multisensory teaching.  After the initial assessment I will be able to provide an overview of needs.  It is likely that many key ares of the foundations of literacy are missing in the learners knowledge which will take time to learn.  To secure this knowledge through 1:1 tuition is not a 'quick' process.   Generally I base my planning on a 6 week cycle at the end of which I review progress. 

How much are the 1:1 teaching sessions?  

 These are currently charged at £35 per hour and can be paid weekly or monthly.  Please note that I do have a 48 hour cancellation policy.  If you need to cancel the lesson less than 48  hours in advance then a £20 charge will be made.

How long are the visual stress assessments?  

 The screening process takes up to 45 minutes.

 How much does the visual stress assessment cost?  

  Currently £25 per appointment.  This does not include the overlay.  I will advise where these            can be purchased should they be required. 

Can parents stay during the lessons?  

  This will need to be discussed with myself and the parent as not all children respond well to tuition when their parent is in the teaching room.  Unfortunately there is only space for one parent to attend with their child in the teaching are and it is not suitable for other siblings to attend due to distraction.